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Naturally Nurturing

Meet the team

Naturally Nurturing is a UK-based private sleep clinic and training centre founded by psychologist, sleep expert, published author and devoted mother of four, Chireal Shallow.

In 1993, inspired by the challenges she was facing with her own children, Chireal applied her Childhood Development qualifications and Masters in Psychology towards the study and development of sleep techniques.

The techniques she established were so successful that today her expertise in handling children’s sleep and behavioral problems is highly sought after by well known media personalities clients across Europe and beyond.

Chireal has now brought together her knowledge, skills and expertise and transformed them into an accredited training course; making her clinic a centre of excellence for parental empowerment and professional education. Chireal’s clinic is the first of its kind, training Health Visitors across the UK in sleep consultancy. Undoubtedly this has made them the clinic of choice for many parents and professionals.

Chireal is a prolific writer , teacher and trainer on children’s sleep issues. Chireal is the sleep expert for Your Family Magazine, sleep advisor to Best Bear Childcare, and Greatvine. She is also a member of the British Sleep Society, The Primary Care Sleep Group and The British Psychological Society. Chireal is Director for the Association of Sleep Consultants, Sleep Expert for Hallmark, advisor to The Natural Mat Company and The Little Green sheep endorsing their natural and organic mattress's and baby sleep products. She lives and works in Surrey and contributes regularly to media organisations and is well respected within the childcare and training arena. Chireal has just finsihed working on a channel 4 documentary about her sucessful sleep method.

Specifically, Naturally Nurturing combines cognitive behavioural approaches (which examine how children think, behave and feel) with systemic practice (which deflects blame by examining the role of each family member) and attachment theory (which focuses on building trust, reassurance and bonding between parent and child).

Says Chireal, "Reading your child’s behaviour can be easy, understanding that behaviour can be simple, doing something about that behaviour, now that’s parenting."

Naturally Nurturing focuses on the doing. With an abundance of contradictory parenting advice out there, parents often become overwhelmed and unable to take action. Naturally Nurturing’s goal is to put parents back in the driver’s seat.

“Parents need to feel in control and confident about raising their families,” says Chireal. “Our team of sleep experts offers parents tools as opposed to firm instructions. We understand that every family is unique, so we provide tools that can be moulded to suit any family’s lifestyle or culture.”

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