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With the best interests of all family members in mind, Naturally Nurturing offers a professional yet highly personal consulting service to help parents overcome the sleep issues of a new baby or a young child. Specifically, we can help if your baby or young child:

  • Needs the breast or a bottle in order to fall asleep
  • Wakes in the night for feeds (Note: this is normal for babies under 6-months old)
  • Needs to be rocked to sleep
  • Will not fall asleep without a parent in his or her bed
  • Will only fall asleep in parent’s bed or on sofa
  • Refuses to go to bed or stay in bed
  • Habitually calls or cries out in the night
  • Wakes at an early hour

Choose one of our convenient packages, or let’s work together on an hour-by-hour basis.

By encouraging you to enhance the parent-child bond and by teaching you to apply Naturally Nurturing’s creative and innovative tools, our qualified sleep consultants we’ll teach you how to nurture your child to sleep so that you can get back to experiencing the joys of being a fulfilled and well-rested parent. Sleep aside; we’ll empower you to make positive changes in any challenging situation by offering you valuable insights into the complexities of childhood behaviour,

Naturally Nurturing specializes in the sleep behaviours of singles and multiples.